Whole Food Eating Day 2

I was planning to post about the raw nachos today, but yesterday afternoon didn’t turn out as planned and so raw nachos will be had tonight! (or someone is getting hurt!) We ended up going out to dinner last night and I had a big salad with beans and guacamole but I forgot to ask for the fritos to be left off (ok- I didn’t forget), but other than a handful of fritos the ‘taco’ salad was right in line with my plan.

Today I started out with more green juice and then a small cup of coffee. Since I didn’t prep anything last night and had to drive David to work this morning (the car is in the shop with a recall issue…), I didn’t make a fruit salad. I just grabbed an orange and a banana to eat at my desk. This wasn’t really enough food for the morning but I survived. I need to get in the habit of planning better so that convenience food doesn’t rule my life.

I sipped matcha green tea (my latest tea obsession) throughout the morning and waited (impatiently) until noon for my lunch.

I had more of the lentil pistachio salad and green beans that I had yesterday and I also added a mixed green salad with chili beans on top. I just grabbed the salad package and the beans on my way out the door and threw it together at lunchtime. It was was beautiful but it needed more flavor. I should have made a nice oil-free dressing. I ate a little bit of it but I just wasn’t feeling it so luckily I remembered that I had more green juice in the fridge at work. When I got home I had a small romaine and banana smoothie to tide me over until dinner was ready.

One of my goals for eating better is that I hope to wake up refreshed in the mornings. Currently I have to drag myself out of bed every day and I feel like if I didn’t have to go to work I would sleep until 10am. And I go to bed at 10pm! I know people have different sleep needs, but I’m not sure I should ‘need’ 12 hours of sleep on a regular basis.

Here’s to another day of whole food eating!

4 thoughts on “Whole Food Eating Day 2

  1. planning is a big part of it, for sure.

    i know i was super pleased when i realized i hadn’t had any real sugar in a month!

    since i don’t drink caffeine (occasionally if we’re out i’ll have a few sips of unsweetened iced tea), i’ll put raw cacao in my smoothie if i feel like i need more pep that day. & b/c i don’t drink other caffeine, it really makes a difference for me, so i have to not overdo it! i usually drink ginger tea after my smoothie for the rest of the morning, and i think the hot beverage help wake me up all by itself, but that’s just me! ; )

  2. Lidia says:

    Love your honestly. Good on you! Great post. ;)

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