My name is Jenna. I live in California with my husband, David, and our awesome cats, Pepper,  Nathan and little Ollie (rest in peace, Basi). I love riding bicycles, practicing yoga (in theory but I’ve been lazy lately…) and doing crazy cardio workouts (umm, Richard Simmons is my hero!). I am an ethical vegan and I’m in my little kitchen cooking or baking vegan meals or treats on most days. I’m always full of projects. Currently, I’m studying to get certified to teach group fitness classes (I took my exam- read about it here) . Up next is learning to sew and learning Danish. I have a full-time day job but I don’t let my work life get in the way of my fun life too much! I try to have an adventure every weekend!

Jenojoon is a lifestyle blog that exists as an outlet for encouraging fun! My fun manifests itself in the form of food (and drinks!), adventures, loveliness… and cats!

Thank you for reading!

my family!

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