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I Heart Sammiches

I’m a sandwich aficionado. I love all kinds. And I really LOVE Philly Cheeze Steak-types. Now, the best cheeze steak I’ve ever had was at Blackbird Pizza in Philadelphia. It makes sense that the best cheeze steak would come from Philly- even a vegan one! That sammich was probably the best sandwich period, not just cheeze steak, it was so amazing. Super thinly shaved, perfectly seasoned seitan on a grilled roll with a sprinkling of Daiya mozzerella and grilled onions and peppers. It also came with mushrooms but I had them leave them off as I hate mushrooms. Ick. Notice I’m not calling the one from Blackbird Pizza a PHILLY cheeze steak. You can’t call it that if it’s from Philly. That’s the rule. Don’t argue.

On to my dinner tonight:

I had some Beef-less Strips from Trader Joes that needed using up. I marinated the strips in vegan Worcestershire (I love that word!) sauce. While they were marinating I sauteed yellow onion, golden bell pepper, and a tiny jalapeno (from my friend’s garden) in Earth Balance. I toasted a Pyrenees French roll (if you’re not lucky enough to live in Bakersfield, CA you haven’t had French bread! Unless, maybe, you’ve been to, say, France…) and melted a couple slices of rice cheese- American style on it. When the veggies were done I tossed in the strips and heated them through. Then I poured the veggie/meat mix onto the toasty-cheezy bun and voila! Philly Cheeze Steak Sammich!

If I hadn’t been totally starving I would have made the Gee Whiz sauce from the Ultimate Uncheese Cookbook to spread all over this! That sauce is super quick and so delicious, but I really didn’t want to spend an extra 15 minutes when I had the cheezy slices on hand. Anyway, it was tasty and satisfying and I have enough left for lunch tomorrow! Unless I eat another one tonight. Which happens sometimes.

And- one last note. I’m calling this my Thankful Thursday post because I am so very thankful that I’m able to throw stuff together without a recipe from stuff I have on hand in my kitchen. I’m thankful that I have a nice kitchen in which to make said yummy stuff. :)


super yum

Thankful Thursday

Inspired by my good friend (online, but someday soon we will meet in real life!), LJ (@veganliciousLJ on twitter, check out her rad blog- the link is over there to the right), I’m starting a Thankful Thursday post series.

I have so, so much to be thankful for in my life, but today I thought it would be appropriate to be extra thankful for my twitter, facebook, and bloggy friends. Meeting new friends online is totally the norm now and I love it! I feel really close to so many of my virtual friends and I often interact with them more than I do with my real life friends!

One of the things I’m super grateful for is the community of vegans I have found online. See, I don’t have one single real life vegan friend. I have a vegan(ish) coworker and my mom is vegetarian (almost vegan), but otherwise, I’m on my own. Now, being vegan is easy, especially because I love to cook, and my husband is totally supportive and always makes sure we go to places that offer vegan or adaptable options, but it is still fun to have people that ‘get’ the jokes and understand where you’re coming from. I get this support from my online friends and I wouldn’t change that for the world (unless everyone wants to move to Bakersfield- I’m totally down with that!)

When I first joined Twitter I was a little lonely there. I didn’t really know what to do or how to get started. I guess I just started following some of the bloggers I read and then following their followers and then reacting to people’s tweets and the conversation just evolved. Now anytime I want to talk to someone or ask a question I just click the little birdie button on my phone and I have 300 or so of my ‘closest’ friends right there waiting for me!

I am thankful for technology. I am thankful I can afford a nice phone and a computer on which to use this technology. And I’m mostly thankful for the fabulous humans all over the world that are ready and willing to share their lives with me.

Thank you interwebs!

Also, I am thankful for guacamole: