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Hurraw! Black Cherry Lip Balm

A week or so ago I put the call out on Twitter asking for recommendations for a vegan lip gloss/balm similar to Clinique’s Black Honey. Basically I wanted something with a deep but sheer berry tint that I could apply without a mirror.

One of my friends suggested the Hurraw! Black Cherry lip balm. I’d heard really good things about Hurraw!. And I loved that their name actually had an exclamation point in it. (I love exclamation points!) Then all kinds of people started chiming in on Twitter to sing the praises of Hurraw! balms. About how awesome they are and moisturizing, smell great, taste great. And of course they are organic, vegan, and raw. What more could you really ask for? Oh- and they are pretty cheap too! Less than $4 a tube! With reasonable shipping rates.

I also checked the reviews on Makeup Alley. Again- glowing reviews by almost everyone.

So I ordered a tube of the Black Cherry. On the Hurraw! site you have to order a minimum of three tubes. Since I wanted to try it out before committing to three, I ordered from a distributor via Amazon. I got my tube in one week. I ripped open the envelope and immediately swiped the oval shaped tube across my lips. Love at first swipe! It is super smooth and feels wonderful on the lips. It has a nice cherry scent- reminiscent of childhood Lip Smackers but less fake smelling. And the color is perfect. Exactly what I wanted- deep but sheer berry tinted. A little more red than the berry of Black Honey, but still great.

I will definitely be ordering these by the threes from the Hurraw! site from now on!

this is me with Hurraw! Black Cherry lips ;)