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Pizza Nachos!

My two most favorite foods are nachos and pizza – so, umm, this was a no brainer for me! Pizza Nachos!

oy yeah!

I started with store-bought fresh pizza dough (from Trader Joes). I baked the crust and then cut it into little rustic wedges to act as the ‘chips’ in the nachos.

I sauteed a clove of garlic, half a red bell pepper and a handful of spinach in a pan sprayed with a bit of cooking spray. I added some ‘pizza’ spice blend to the veggies.

I arranged my ‘chips’ on a plate and drizzled a 1/4 cup of pizza sauce over top. Then I sprinkled a 1/4 cup of  Daiya mozzarella and Yves vegan pepperoni (that I cut into tiny pieces).

I put it in the microwave to melt the cheese and warm the sauce and pepperoni. I would have put it back in the oven- but I was starving!

I definitely needed a fork to help eat these nachos since I had LOTS of toppings!

It was so easy! And soooo cute! I don’t have kids, but if you do, I’m sure they would LOVE these! This big kid sure did!

one tiny pizza nacho- so cute!

Taco Salad Nachos!

This is nacho post #2 and MoFo post #3. By the way, I am loving all the MoFo posts and will try to read them from my desktop so I can get all the goodness AND comment easier. Sometimes commenting from my phone is a total pain. I’ll type out a nice long comment and then, poof! Nothin! :)

So on to my dinner of Taco Salad Nachos! These came together in a snap, partly because I already had the nacho cheese sauce made and just needed to warm it up.

Taco Salad disguised as nachos!

I started with a bed of Reduced Guilt Trader Joes tortilla chips (I actually counted out a serving size- 14 chips- that’s really plenty)

Next was a big handful of shredded iceberg lettuce. I would normally use anything but iceberg, but a taco salad kinda needs the iceberg!

Then comes a 1/2 cup of canned, organic black beans (just rinsed off, not even heated up- easy!)

Drizzled over the beans is a 1/4 cup of Happy Herbivore’s Nacho Cheese sauce (any vegan queso would work here, of course)

Next I added slices of organic yellow sweet bell pepper. Any combo of veggies would be great, but I love these sweet bells!

And of course the finishing touch is a couple spoonfuls of salsa!

I ended up eating this mostly with a fork- like a regular taco salad. It was satisfying, pretty healthy and very low fat. Make some!

My kittie, Nathan, also loved them- he LOVES lettuce! I didn’t get the shot quick enough but you can see his little legs and paws:

Nathan loves lettuce!

Breakfast Nachos!

I had so much fun thinking about what to put on these babies! I had lots of discussion with my twitter friends, too. Ultimately, I decided to keep the Breakfast Nachos simple:

I started with a base of Reduced Guilt (haha) tortilla chips from Trader Joes. They are not quite baked, not quite fried- I think. They are very good, I like them better than any baked tortilla chips I’ve had.

Then I added a layer of basic tofu scramble. Use your favorite recipe or just throw it together like I did:

In a non-stick pan sprayed liberally with cooking spray I sauteed:

3.25 oz firm tofu- crumbled

dashes of:

dried onion

granulated garlic




nutritional yeast

Scramble till warm throughout and all the spices are mixed nicely.

On top of the chips and tofu I drizzled 1/4 cup of Happy Herbivore’s Nacho Cheese Sauce. Here’s a tip: If you have a high-powered blender (like a Blendtec or Vitamix), you can skip heating the sauce on the stove and just mix it all in the blender on the soup setting! Or use your favorite vegan queso or cheeze sauce homemade or store bought.

Next I added two ounces of soyrizo (this is my favorite part of any nacho recipe!)

The finishing touch was a dollop of salsa!

Breakfast of Champions

Go crazy!