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Hello and Stuff

I’m not sure I’ll post anything this week. My bestie kitty, Bas, is very sick and in the kitty hospital. I pretty much have no motivation to do any crafting or blogging, but I might do some holiday baking. I definitely do not seem to lose my appetite when under stress- I guess I’m a stress eater. ;)

So please keep Basi in your thoughts and please pray for his comfort and recovery if you are so inclined.

I plan to make some comfort food casseroles this week, maybe a lentil loaf and mashed ‘taters too.

Merry Christmas to you all! My Christmas wish is for my Bas and all the kitties and puppies to be happy and healthy!

xoxo, jenna

Cat Friends! Now Starrring: Bear and Abbey!

Today’s Cat Friends are courtesy of my friend Elisabeth (@CzechVegan on twitter), author of the fun and yummy blog Czech Vegan (In America). Let’s meet her Cat Friends!

Bear and Abbey were born to a feral momma cat in the spring of 2008. A rescue group that I volunteer for took them in, along with their other brothers and sisters after they were weaned off. When they were old enough to get spayed and neutered and after they received all their shots, they were available for adoption at a shelter. At that time we had Shelly (an English Cocker Spaniel from Prague) and Van Gogh (a cat from Atlanta), and we were not looking for any more furry kids.

FOA rescue is one of the many rescues that does not adopt out black cats during the month of October. There are two reasons why some rescues don’t adopt out black cats around Halloween. The first one is the fact that some people adopt a black cat and use it as a Halloween decoration for their house or as a part of their witch costume. When Halloween is over they simply return the cat to the shelter or dump it out on the street. It is a cruel and inhumane practice, because these poor cats suffer real trauma from being dragged back and forth from shelter to home and back again. Another reason, much worse, is the fear of people who abuse or sacrifice cats during Satanic and other dark rituals. FOA gets all the black cats out of the shelter for a month, finding them temporary foster homes. We agreed to foster Abbey and Bear together. We first only wanted Bear, but then I saw how codependent Abbey was on her brother and I simply could not leave her behind. Abbey was litter box trained and never had any accidents in the shelter until one night. I came to the shelter one day to find Abbey in a cage by herself (until then she was always with Bear). Someone had separated them for a night. She missed her brother so much that she peed all over her bed due to loneliness and sadness…..

Fostering Abbey and Bear was fun, but also a lot of work since they were still crazy kittens who got into things and made a lot of mess. They chewed up most of our cords and wires around the house, including surround sound cord, several cell phone chargers and subwoofer wire, book corners and magazines…

However, we fell in love with them despite all the destruction and craziness. When Halloween was over and we had to bring these mischievous twins back to the shelter, we hesitated. The idea of Abbey and Bear sleeping in cold cages, eating cheap and unhealthy food, being locked up in a cage for more then half a day each day terrified me. They had their new routines at our home, their favorite food, treats, toys, plenty of love and play time, and their new sister and brother (Shelly and Van Gogh). I was also scared that they would be adopted separately, because it is very hard to find a home for two cats together, not to mention homeless black cats are not the easiest cats to adopt out.

We decided to adopt Abbey and Bear and they have been part of our family for over 3 years now. I am grateful for Halloween, because without that holiday, we would not have our kitty twins.

Thank you for introducing us to your kittes, Elisabeth!

Cat Friends! Now Starrrring: Mai Tai!

My very fabulous friend and former office roomy, Chris, lives on a beautiful golf course in the San Diego area. She has the most gorgeous neighbor cat name Mai Tai! Such a fitting name for a kitty living in a paradise like this! Also fitting because Chris and I were known to imbibe in a mai tai or two in our days as co-workers. Here’s proof:

Mr Tiki Mai Tai Lounge- San Diego, CA

Let’s hear what Chris has to say about Mai Tai:

Mai Tai lives next door with her approximately 80-year-old cool owner. Mai Tai visits us frequently because of the many bird feeders I have in the yard. Mai Tai isn’t into the whole camera thing so I took these pics from the house.

gorgeous Mai Tai living in paradise

This next pic shows the bird feeder that she stalks – I mean visits – even tho she doesn’t have a chance of getting any birds.  Matter of fact, she’d be cheesed off to know that she actually saved a bird’s life last week.  She was sitting out there staring intently at the feeder – so intensely that it made us suspicious.  When we looked closer we realized a bird had gotten it’s little head stuck in one of the feeder’s seed opening!  Jim [Chris’ equally fabulous husband] carefully got the little guy out but I don’t think that’s the outcome MT was hoping for.

Mai Tai and the bird feeder nemesis

Thank you Chris for sharing your awesome neighbor Cat Friend with us! We all want to come visit you in paradise and hang out with Mai Tai, too!

Cat Friends! Now Starrrring: Pepper!

You may have noticed I’ve only been posting about Cat Friends lately. :) I have had lots going on, but I forget to take pictures sometimes. (too busy enjoying whatever it is I’m doing, I suppose…)

So, without further ado, it is my great pleasure to introduce you to one of my besties- Pepper!!

so pretty!

We adopted Pepper on my birthday a few years ago. He is about 4 now. He was Pet of the Week (celebrity!) from the local county animal shelter. The county shelter here in Kern County is considered a high-kill shelter, meaning many animals get put to sleep on a regular basis because there is just no room. It is so sad and just breaks my heart. So adopting from a local shelter is very important and I HIGHLY recommend this as your first option if you have room for more animal friends in your home!!

Pepper likes to read

Pepper is the biggest snuggler and a total purr-box! He sleeps with us every single night and alternates between spooning with his papa and his mama and then in the middle sometimes. He likes to ‘flomp’ which means he leans over and just falls on his side in a playful way. It is too cute! Pepper has a big “running pouch” (fat belly) that sways when he runs. He has the most beautiful markings! He is just a gorgeous, gorgeous boy. And he almost NEVER meows. He is the quietest cat I’ve ever known but makes up for it with loud purring. (he didn’t purr for a few weeks after we brought home Nathan and it made us very worried, but once he got used to his new baby brother he started purring up a storm again!!)

getting cozy!

Pepper (like most kitties) loves to squeeze himself into any box or bag even if he can’t really fit!

box kitty

bag kitty

Thank you for getting to know Pepper! And be sure to get to know the adoptable kitties in your area too!

i'm napping!

Cat Friends! Now Starrrring: Chase

Today’s Cat Friends featured kitty is a guest post from the lovely Nicole, who has a few blogs you should check out here, here, and here. :) Without further ado, let’s meet Nicole and her Cat Friend, Chase!

Nearly two years ago, I had this thought that it was time for us to bring on a new addition to our family; we already have two other cats. My husband was opposed to it; he felt that it would require more time and money to care for another cat. But I knew once he saw our new baby, he would fall in love too. I searched petfinder just keeping it to our local area and found Chase! He was named Lucky and his bio read how he was found at the local park with a significant cut to his neck that was infected with parasites! We went to the local shelter, which was a kill shelter, however they allowed him to surpass the time-frame because they weren’t full and they felt he would likely be adopted.

one of Chase's first pics!

As you can see, Chase loves his toys, especially balls. He can fetch! He will bring the ball to me and I’ll throw it and he brings it back until he’s tired out. He will also play volleyball and try to block the ball from getting past him when thrown in the air or attempts to catch it. He’s a riot. He is not a cuddly, loving or purr buddy. Nope, he’s my little brat, and I can’t love him more! He’s actually more attached to my husband than me, but I sneak in kisses which really piss him off :).

oh Chase!!

As mentioned, I have two other cats, Woodrow is 14 and Tux is 12. Chase is roughly just over 2 years. He has so much energy and plays to the point where he can become aggressive. In fact, he does not get along with my middle kitty at all. It’s a full time job keeping them apart and having them take turns with food and litter. I think Chase wants to love on Tux but gets mad when Tux wants nothing to do with him. Chase loves sitting in the windowsill and watching the birds and leaves float by. Did I mention he has energy? He’s torn down my living room curtains twice!

Chase loves the curtains!

By the way, we named him Chase because the apartments we were living in, at the time, had that name in it and my husband and I both said it at the same time. The name fits perfectly! Chase definitely believes he is the alpha male, both of my other cats are also males, and to an extent, he is. He positions himself in the hallway so that he can see into almost every room. I love Chase so much. Of course I love my other boys just as much too. Even though Chase tends to be a daddy’s boy, at night, he lays at the top of the couch by me when I’m watching TV and immediately follows me to bed.

I just love my little brat.

Look how regal he is!

little rascal

Thank you, Nicole, for introducing us to lovable Cat Friend, Chase! Stay tuned for more Cat Friends next week.