Cat Friends! Now Starrrring: Mai Tai!

My very fabulous friend and former office roomy, Chris, lives on a beautiful golf course in the San Diego area. She has the most gorgeous neighbor cat name Mai Tai! Such a fitting name for a kitty living in a paradise like this! Also fitting because Chris and I were known to imbibe in a mai tai or two in our days as co-workers. Here’s proof:

Mr Tiki Mai Tai Lounge- San Diego, CA

Let’s hear what Chris has to say about Mai Tai:

Mai Tai lives next door with her approximately 80-year-old cool owner. Mai Tai visits us frequently because of the many bird feeders I have in the yard. Mai Tai isn’t into the whole camera thing so I took these pics from the house.

gorgeous Mai Tai living in paradise

This next pic shows the bird feeder that she stalks – I mean visits – even tho she doesn’t have a chance of getting any birds.  Matter of fact, she’d be cheesed off to know that she actually saved a bird’s life last week.  She was sitting out there staring intently at the feeder – so intensely that it made us suspicious.  When we looked closer we realized a bird had gotten it’s little head stuck in one of the feeder’s seed opening!  Jim [Chris’ equally fabulous husband] carefully got the little guy out but I don’t think that’s the outcome MT was hoping for.

Mai Tai and the bird feeder nemesis

Thank you Chris for sharing your awesome neighbor Cat Friend with us! We all want to come visit you in paradise and hang out with Mai Tai, too!

2 thoughts on “Cat Friends! Now Starrrring: Mai Tai!

  1. Mai Tai is so beautfiul! I love her colors. So pretty!

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