Cat Friends! Now Starrrring: Pepper!

You may have noticed I’ve only been posting about Cat Friends lately. :) I have had lots going on, but I forget to take pictures sometimes. (too busy enjoying whatever it is I’m doing, I suppose…)

So, without further ado, it is my great pleasure to introduce you to one of my besties- Pepper!!

so pretty!

We adopted Pepper on my birthday a few years ago. He is about 4 now. He was Pet of the Week (celebrity!) from the local county animal shelter. The county shelter here in Kern County is considered a high-kill shelter, meaning many animals get put to sleep on a regular basis because there is just no room. It is so sad and just breaks my heart. So adopting from a local shelter is very important and I HIGHLY recommend this as your first option if you have room for more animal friends in your home!!

Pepper likes to read

Pepper is the biggest snuggler and a total purr-box! He sleeps with us every single night and alternates between spooning with his papa and his mama and then in the middle sometimes. He likes to ‘flomp’ which means he leans over and just falls on his side in a playful way. It is too cute! Pepper has a big “running pouch” (fat belly) that sways when he runs. He has the most beautiful markings! He is just a gorgeous, gorgeous boy. And he almost NEVER meows. He is the quietest cat I’ve ever known but makes up for it with loud purring. (he didn’t purr for a few weeks after we brought home Nathan and it made us very worried, but once he got used to his new baby brother he started purring up a storm again!!)

getting cozy!

Pepper (like most kitties) loves to squeeze himself into any box or bag even if he can’t really fit!

box kitty

bag kitty

Thank you for getting to know Pepper! And be sure to get to know the adoptable kitties in your area too!

i'm napping!

5 thoughts on “Cat Friends! Now Starrrring: Pepper!

  1. NotablyNicole says:

    So sweet! I love his markings!

  2. He is beyond adorable. His expressions are priceless :)

  3. mskristiina says:

    He’s so handsome!

  4. […] family quickly and easily. We only kept him separate for about a day. He was friendly to Bas and Pepper even though they weren’t so accepting of him. He wasn’t afraid and just said, […]

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