Cat Friends! Now Starrrring: Chase

Today’s Cat Friends featured kitty is a guest post from the lovely Nicole, who has a few blogs you should check out here, here, and here. :) Without further ado, let’s meet Nicole and her Cat Friend, Chase!

Nearly two years ago, I had this thought that it was time for us to bring on a new addition to our family; we already have two other cats. My husband was opposed to it; he felt that it would require more time and money to care for another cat. But I knew once he saw our new baby, he would fall in love too. I searched petfinder just keeping it to our local area and found Chase! He was named Lucky and his bio read how he was found at the local park with a significant cut to his neck that was infected with parasites! We went to the local shelter, which was a kill shelter, however they allowed him to surpass the time-frame because they weren’t full and they felt he would likely be adopted.

one of Chase's first pics!

As you can see, Chase loves his toys, especially balls. He can fetch! He will bring the ball to me and I’ll throw it and he brings it back until he’s tired out. He will also play volleyball and try to block the ball from getting past him when thrown in the air or attempts to catch it. He’s a riot. He is not a cuddly, loving or purr buddy. Nope, he’s my little brat, and I can’t love him more! He’s actually more attached to my husband than me, but I sneak in kisses which really piss him off :).

oh Chase!!

As mentioned, I have two other cats, Woodrow is 14 and Tux is 12. Chase is roughly just over 2 years. He has so much energy and plays to the point where he can become aggressive. In fact, he does not get along with my middle kitty at all. It’s a full time job keeping them apart and having them take turns with food and litter. I think Chase wants to love on Tux but gets mad when Tux wants nothing to do with him. Chase loves sitting in the windowsill and watching the birds and leaves float by. Did I mention he has energy? He’s torn down my living room curtains twice!

Chase loves the curtains!

By the way, we named him Chase because the apartments we were living in, at the time, had that name in it and my husband and I both said it at the same time. The name fits perfectly! Chase definitely believes he is the alpha male, both of my other cats are also males, and to an extent, he is. He positions himself in the hallway so that he can see into almost every room. I love Chase so much. Of course I love my other boys just as much too. Even though Chase tends to be a daddy’s boy, at night, he lays at the top of the couch by me when I’m watching TV and immediately follows me to bed.

I just love my little brat.

Look how regal he is!

little rascal

Thank you, Nicole, for introducing us to lovable Cat Friend, Chase! Stay tuned for more Cat Friends next week.

3 thoughts on “Cat Friends! Now Starrrring: Chase

  1. Shannon says:

    aww I love his markings!!! Chase is a handsome fella! And bless your heart for taking in a rescue :)

    As for the dynamic between the 3 of them, it could well be the age of your old timers. But I wonder if everyone is neutered? Until a cat is altered, all they think about is sex. That could explain a lot of aggression or even litter box issues. Making sure all 3 are neutered would ensure they’d get along a lot better after sorting out the new pecking order.

    If they all are neutered then I suspect it’s just the age of your older two. At 12+ that’s considered quite elderly. I wouldn’t be too concerned about the cattitude unless it got very aggressive (if so I have more suggestions!). If you play with Chase regularly and every single day to tucker him out, you may find he’s less upset over not getting play time with his older feline roomies.

    I’ve been breeding purebred Manx cats for a while (though not for a few yrs now) and am extra geeky on the subject :D I’ve got 7 at the moment lol. Love talking cats anytime! Our fetcher is Miss Pixie Dust – she does exact same thing with fetching and batting. Gotta love em!

  2. NotablyNicole says:

    All are definitely neutered! Chase is very rambunctious and my Tux is cool as a cucumber. He doesn’t like the young kid bugging him ;-)

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