Everyone Loves Nachos

Now that I’m always talking, writing, thinking about, and eating nachos, other people are sharing their nacho goodness with me! So today, I’m taking a break from posting about my nachos and I wanted to share a couple recipes from some internet friends.

Yesterday, Ty over at Camera Phone Vegan.com posted a recipe for her Cheesy Beefy Vegan Nachos! These look and sound so good! She actually has two variations on the nachos- so be sure to click around on her fun blog!

And today, Shelley, of Rosewater and Thyme.com was featured on One Green Planet.org with a recipe for Greek Nachos!!  Holy moly! I was actually planning to make some sort of nachos with pita chips as a base, but I might just have to skip it and make these! They are gorgeous!

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend! I’m heading out of town tomorrow for a cardio hip hop instructor training class!

Happy Nacho Noshing!

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