I Heart Sammiches

I’m a sandwich aficionado. I love all kinds. And I really LOVE Philly Cheeze Steak-types. Now, the best cheeze steak I’ve ever had was at Blackbird Pizza in Philadelphia. It makes sense that the best cheeze steak would come from Philly- even a vegan one! That sammich was probably the best sandwich period, not just cheeze steak, it was so amazing. Super thinly shaved, perfectly seasoned seitan on a grilled roll with a sprinkling of Daiya mozzerella and grilled onions and peppers. It also came with mushrooms but I had them leave them off as I hate mushrooms. Ick. Notice I’m not calling the one from Blackbird Pizza a PHILLY cheeze steak. You can’t call it that if it’s from Philly. That’s the rule. Don’t argue.

On to my dinner tonight:

I had some Beef-less Strips from Trader Joes that needed using up. I marinated the strips in vegan Worcestershire (I love that word!) sauce. While they were marinating I sauteed yellow onion, golden bell pepper, and a tiny jalapeno (from my friend’s garden) in Earth Balance. I toasted a Pyrenees French roll (if you’re not lucky enough to live in Bakersfield, CA you haven’t had French bread! Unless, maybe, you’ve been to, say, France…) and melted a couple slices of rice cheese- American style on it. When the veggies were done I tossed in the strips and heated them through. Then I poured the veggie/meat mix onto the toasty-cheezy bun and voila! Philly Cheeze Steak Sammich!

If I hadn’t been totally starving I would have made the Gee Whiz sauce from the Ultimate Uncheese Cookbook to spread all over this! That sauce is super quick and so delicious, but I really didn’t want to spend an extra 15 minutes when I had the cheezy slices on hand. Anyway, it was tasty and satisfying and I have enough left for lunch tomorrow! Unless I eat another one tonight. Which happens sometimes.

And- one last note. I’m calling this my Thankful Thursday post because I am so very thankful that I’m able to throw stuff together without a recipe from stuff I have on hand in my kitchen. I’m thankful that I have a nice kitchen in which to make said yummy stuff. :)


super yum

2 thoughts on “I Heart Sammiches

  1. OMG. So much yum. And I LOVE what you said about NOT calling them Philly when you’re in Philly. It’s the truth!

    And I love that this is thankful thursday. I am thankful for cheeze steaky vegan goodness!


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