I have a lot of things that I’m ‘good’ at but I’ve never felt that I’m truly exceptional at any one thing. I came across a blog post from Skunkboy Creatures that hit so close to home. I read it and thought, “Yes! That is what I need! I just need to keep trying things”! I loved the post and it got me thinking about my ‘talents’. And then I had an ‘a ha’ moment. Could it be that my greatest talent is excitement? I’m really great at getting super excited about things! (and I love to use exclamation points so that proves it, right??!)

So I continued to explore this line of thinking- about whether or not a feeling or emotion could be a talent. I looked up the definition of talent and found this definition: Natural aptitude or skill and this one: Natural endowment or ability of a superior quality. So I decided that, yes, feeling exceptionally excited about things could qualify as a talent. Yay!

Now, being excited does not mean that I am exceptionally perky (luckily) and it does not mean that I’m as positive as I’d always like to be. But it does mean that if you need someone to get on your bandwagon or fight for your cause- I’m your girl!

And, like any talent, this talent needs to be nurtured. I need to practice harnessing my excitement and channeling it towards my various projects. If I can stoke the excitement and keep it going I can finish projects. I can start to see my efforts come to life. The talent of excitement can grow other talents- like baking and leading motivating fitness classes (exclamation point!)!

This is my BFF Joe and me being excited at the White House!

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